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Making The Grade   |    2017 Spring Special (4.1.17)

First in Advocacy


Educators First represented a member who had been reported to the GA PSC for an alleged ethics violation and was facing a one year certificate suspension.  Through the great work of our network attorney, Educators First was ultimately able to convince the PSC that there was "no probable cause" in the case.  As a result, the PSC dropped the ethics charges completely and the educator's file was expunged.       

Educators First recently helped a 29 year veteran teacher file a formal grievance regarding an unwanted reassignment to a new school that was much farther from home, a reassignment that the teacher believed to be in violation of local Board rules and policy.  After appealing the matter all the way to the top and even scheduling a Board hearing regarding the Level 3 grievance, the district ultimately decided instead to offer the teacher an assignment much closer to home rather than have a formal hearing.  This represents a big "win" for the teacher, who now does not have to drive an extra 45 minutes each way to work!

In a case that received a great deal of press, Educators First recently helped a principal successfully contest a recommended suspension without pay that resulted from an allegation that the principal failed to make a required report.  After a great deal of hard work by Educators First network attorney Justin O'Dell, and after over a month of frequent favorable articles and editorials in the local newspaper, the school district ultimately reversed course in the matter and decided not to try to suspend the principal after all, resulting in the previously scheduled Board hearing being cancelled.  In addition to not being suspended without pay and having the personnel record adjusted accordingly, the principal has also recently had his annual evaluation revised in a positive way as a result of a related evaluation appeal.  As was also reported extensively in press, two of the central office staff who handled the principal's case are now no longer employed by the school district.  Congratulations to the victorious principal, for having the courage to fight and for prevailing in the end!

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