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Are you experiencing trouble at work?  Do you need advice on a personnel matter?

Educators First can help!

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Educators First is a new breed of professional association for outstanding educators in Georgia. We offer all the advantages of a traditional union, but without the high costs and partisan politics.

than a traditional union!

Educators First represents great educators when they need it.

Members receive defense attorney coverage for employment hearings (e.g., suspension or termination), work-related criminal matters, PSC ethics complaints, and lawsuit defense, expert non-attorney representation in local matters, and non-partisan political advocacy.  All at a price that is up to 50% less than a union, saving you up to $300 or more a year. And, Educators First features evening and weekend office hours, along with direct access to your representative’s cell phone from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. seven days a week.


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​​"I was a member of another organization.  When I had some trouble at work, they wouldn't even return my phone calls.  
​Educators First was there when I nee
ded them, right away!"

​Josh B.

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Educators First is committed to remaining truly bi-partisan and to focusing strictly on educational matters.  In addition, Educators First does not get involved in national political issues, and does not send any member dues to Washington, D.C.  All dues remain here Georgia where they belong!

However, Educators First does remain extremely active as a lobbying force at both the state and local level, in order to strongly advocate for what is truly in the best political interest of educators, with a focus of educator rights, benefits, pay, and representation.  With that in mind, Educators First employs a registered lobbyist at the Capitol while the legislature is in session, and we maintain excellent relationships with key political figures on both sides of the aisle, in order to push state and local legislation to benefit educators and schools.

In order to promote our strongly pro-educator agenda, Educators First maintains a separate and voluntary bi-partisan Political Action Committee (PAC), whose leadership is composed primarily of practicing classroom teachers.  While the bi-partisan PAC does endorse candidates on the state and local level, and while the PAC is actively involved in pro-educator politics, the Educators First PAC does not endorse candidates, contribute, or get involved at the federal level

Unlike most other organizations, Educators First also regularly surveys its entire membership on political and controversial issues related to education.  Using these electronic survey results, Educators First takes a position on a political issue only in the event that there is strong consensus among our members.



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PLUS all of the benefits, no partisan politics, and superior customer service!  At Educators First,  educators ALWAYS come FIRST!